Fibre to the Premises Update

Whilst every effort has been made to make this post as accurate as possible, it is possible there are small mistakes and I’d recommend you check the providers sites to see their latest prices.

Having spoken to a villager living in New Inn Road this week, I thought I’d write a post to update on the FTTP prices table I first published in December. Most of New Inn Road is now FTTP enabled but there are some exceptions, so if in doubt, use one of the ISP websites, or use the BT checker* for the most up to date and accurate status of your property.

As mentioned before, if you’re looking to upgrade to FTTP, it’s a little more complicated in terms of ordering a package than ADSL – please read the first 5 paragraphs on the previous post explaining the difference.

In addtion to whether you need a telephone line or a modem provided by the ISP, there are now extra package speeds** available which weren’t around at the end of 2019. These new package packages are 500Mbps download by 75Mbps upload or 1000Mbps by 115Mbps (also known as 500/75 and 1000/115).

Contract length
Installation £***80/20
Andrews & Arnold LtdOptionalYes12£100.00£40.00£40.00
Cerberus NetworksNoOptional12£48.00£44.40£52.80£66.00£96.00£132.00
Ghost Gaming BroadbandOptionalYes12£89.99£41.99£46.19£55.99
Leetline Gaming BroadbandNoNo12£60.00£44.99£49.99£63.00£99.00£147.00
next visionNoYes12£59.00£39.00£45.00
spectruminternetYes, No and OptionalYes12 or 24****from £49.00£34.99£56.99£69.99
STRUCTURED COMMUNICATIONSNoYes12£60.00£44.99£52.99£74.99

As before, the table above only lists some of the differences between the different providers. The other key differentiator is whether the provider gives a static IPv4 address. The static IPv4 address is useful for establishing a VPN connection into your house or for hosting a website at home.

More providers were expected to start offering FTTP in the new year, e.g. Sky, TalkTalk and Vodafone, but they appear to have slowed their rollout perhaps because of Covid-19?

For reference, I’m still with Aquiss# (as I already own equipment for connecting to an FTTP package and I required a static IPv4 address) but recently upgraded to their 160/30 package for additional bandwidth while working from home.

# this link is an affiliate link and I may receive commission if a purchase is made. A non-affiliate link can be found in the table above

* To use the BT ADSL checker to see if you can order FTTP, enter your postcode, the security code and click proceed. On the results page, if the first product listed says “WBC FTTP” along with two speeds (either 330 or 1000 by 50 or 220), you can order Fibre to the Premises.

** There are a number of other packages available including some which are geared more towards businesses/heavy internet users which feature higher upload capability but their prices are considerably higher than the standard consumer packages. If you’re interested in one of these packages, see Cerberus’ website for more details.

*** Prices correct at time of writing (05/07/2020)

**** spectruminternet prices quoted are for 24 month packages