Superfast Broadband in Hinxworth

Another announcement (see first announcement here) has been made by the superfastforherts team and can be seen here Planned Herts Upgrade Map.

Bad news is that we will probably not see any improvement in our broadband in Hinxworth by the end of 2016!

Announcement By

As previously posted, if you live in Herts or Bucks and want faster broadband, you could register your interest on

The website posted a news update on the 5th June stating:
“The preferred supplier for the Connected Counties broadband project is British Telecommunications PLC. We are now moving toward contract finalisation and sign-off within the next two weeks. Following that there will be a mobilisation phase to set up a joint supplier/Local authority team and begin the detailed survey work.” (Click here to see original page)

Also for Hinxworth residents, if you go to the website, you’ll see that the Ashwell (SMAW) exchange is currently under evaluation.

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