Big Tidy Up 2010

On Saturday 22nd May 2010 bright and early on a lovely morning about 15 people gathered at the Village Hall to get involved in the Big Tidy Up. This involved wearing very attractive lurid green plastic vests and toting matching very large bin bags, an assortment of thick gloves and rather efficient looking grabby things. We got our assignments and then dispersed to clear our designated patches of verge and ditches around the community. Bizarrely, I think, we all quite enjoyed ourselves; it was certainly satisfying to see the immediate results of our hard work in the absence of litter in our immediate area. However it is certainly depressing to realise just how much junk people think it is quite okay to chuck out of their car windows as they are passing through our lovely countryside. Bob, Vicky and I collected 3 full bin bags from just the Edworth turn to the A1 and Heidi and her family found some very attractive large lumps of metal! But needless to say everyone came back to the hall with a rather disappointingly large haul of assorted rubbish.

Then, thanks to our kitchen elfs, Reggie Fair, Audrey Clare and others we were treated to a very nice lunch which some of us ate in the sun. All in all a good day’s work – sad that it was necessary but looking forward to next year and maybe a little extra help so that we can do more!


Thank you to everyone who helped with the event!