Our beautiful new hall is open!

Now our new and beautiful village hall is open, we hope as many of you came to see it as possible; if not you missed a treat so come and ask for a tour!

We not only have an extended main hall, but a fully openable room on the side to provide additional seating or dining or it can be closed off if not needed. We have a brand new bar area in the hall separate from the kitchen so it’s ideal for all your party needs.

We have fantastic new loos and loads of them – I’m sorry to sound so enthusiastic about toilets but if you saw the old ones you’ll know what I mean!!

For the musicians among you, and I know you are many, we have a wonderful new purpose built music practice room, fully soundproofed and facing the recreation ground rather than Patrick’s! so even if you have to open the windows he shouldn’t be too disturbed!

We also have a large meeting room at the back so for those who have committees this would be an ideal smaller room and is available for hire at less cost! Or it can be a changing room for the dramatically inclined. On that point, did you see the stage? We have 8 new proper spotlights in the hall facing the stage and 4 on the stage so now we should be able to see the faces on the stage and not just the feet!

Don’t forget we have a fabulously equipped kitchen, so much more than the usual village hall – and if ever you are throwing out good glasses, crockery and cutlery we’ll have it!

Last, but definitely not least, we are now equipped with all the latest gadgetry for audio and visual presentations and hope to institute regular film nights soon.

And all this for the bargain price of just £10 an hour to residents of Hinxworth and Edworth – so why don’t you organise an event and come and use your new facilities soon. We reckon we’ve got the best in the area!