Village Hall Equipment Hire

Did you know that you can also hire equipment from the Village Hall? For example, if you’re hosting a dinner party at your house and you could really do with another table or two, you can always hire equipment from the Village Hall.

What Equipment Can I Hire from the Village Hall?

Item Qty Availble
Large Trestle Tables 12
Small Trestle Tables 5
Microwave 1
Urn 1
Coffee Urn 1
Standard Hall Cutlery
(Not necessarily matching)
Nearly 100
Kings Cutlery
(Matching – See Below)
Nearly 100
Wine 60+
1/2 Pint 50
Pint 40
Flute 60
Chairs 100

If you are interested in hiring equipment, please contact the Bookings Clerk or download a bookings form – see this page for more information: Village Hall Booking Forms

Kings Cutlery

The Village Hall is able to offer for hire a lovely collection of matching cutlery to make your event a little bit more special. The Kings cutlery can be hired per place setting with one place setting consisting of:

Starter Knife Starter Fork Soup Spoon
Main Course Knife Main Course Fork Dessert Spoon
Tea Spoon

(Larger image)